91FM History: 1985-2006

KOKF signed on as 91FM on October 31, 1985, playing Christian Pop, Rock, Rap, Dance and Metal music for the Oklahoma City area. A listener-supported radio station, 91FM made an impact for 21 years in central Oklahoma, providing Christian music targeted to teens and young adults. In May 2006, the station was sold to Educational Media Foundation, who installed the Air1 radio network on the signal, providing a similar format to OKC listeners.

Online Legacy

Following the station’s sign-off, OKC91FM.com was born to remember the station’s history and legacy. In 2010, an online radio station was born, playing the hits 91FM made famous. In 2016, OKC91FM’s vintage online station and site was re-launched as Throwback 91. The online station lasted until late 2017.

Also, in 2010, a group of 91FM employees launched the next generation of 91FM with an endeavor called “91 Online.” This station continued until 2018.

Some former employees and elements of 91FM’s programming continue today on an online station based in Bethany, Oklahoma called Crossover Radio.

91FM Station History From KOKF.com (1999)

Born out of a vision by Pastor Ron Dryden to provide teens and young adults with a positive alternative to the mainstream music heard on radio in Oklahoma City, KOKF was sold to RDM Broadcasting in October of 1985. As a 3,300 Watt non-commercial, listener supported station, KOKF literally started out with little more than a few boxes of records on the floor, a couple of turntables, and the desire to reach young people through contemporary Christian music. The response from listeners was tremendous. By our first year anniversary the radio station’s note was completely paid off, allowing KOKF to operate debt free ever since. In September of 1991, after being granted approval by the F.C.C., KOKF raised its power from 3,300 Watts to 100,000 Watts, with a signal that now covers most of central Oklahoma!