Top 91 Songs of 1997

Top 91 Songs of 1997

2 “Crazy Times” JARS OF CLAY (Essential)
3 “Masquerade” REALITY CHECK (Starsong)
4 “Colored People” DC TALK (ForeFront)
5 “CHEM 6A” SWITCH FOOT (re:think)
6 “More Than You Know” OUT OF EDEN (Gotee)
7 “Chronic” SARAH JAHN (Warner Alliance)
8 “Undo Me” JENNIFER KNAPP (Gotee)
9 “If You Want To Lead Me To Jesus” GROVER LEVY (Myrrh)
10 “Why Would You Go Back” JENI VARNADEAU (Pamplin)
11 “Greater Love” OUT OF EDEN (Gotee)
12 “Oxygen” ECHOING GREEN (Myx)
13 “Not Perfect” CHURCH OF RHYTHM (Pamplin)
14 “Crucible” SARAH JAHN (Warner Alliance)
15 “Unforgiveable” PLUMB (Essential)
16 “Savior of My Universe” ALL STAR UNITED (Reunion)
17 “Know You Better” REALITY CHECK (Starsong)
18 “If I Know God” NEW IDENTITY (Benson)
19 “You Are The Only One” KIRK FRANKLIN & GOD’S PROPERTY (B-Rite)
20 “Holy Ride” UNITY KLAN (Rescue)
21 “Sunny Day” JOHN COX (Questar/Mission)
22 “How Do You Do That” THE WAITING (Sparrow)
23 “More” SAY SO (Pamplin)
24 “Sneakin’ Up On Me” CHARLIE PEACOCK (re:think)
25 “Takes A Little Time” AMY GRANT (Myrrh)
26 “Saturn” SKILLET (ForeFront)
27 “Mercy Me” SAY SO (Pamplin)
28 “Stronger Than You” JENI VARNADEAU (Pamplin)
29 “Nervous” DRYVE (SaraBellum)
30 “Unveiled Faces” SARAH MASEN (re:think)
31 “Disappear” OUT OF THE GREY (Sparrow)
32 “New Year’s Day” CAROLYN ARENDS (Reunion)
33 “I Need Your Love” RAZE (Alliance)
34 “Growin’ Up” T-BONE (Metro One)
35 “What Have We Become” DC TALK (ForeFront)
36 “What’s In A Name” ERIC CHAMPION (Essential)
37 “Celia” ERACE (Gotee)
38 “You Are The Rock of My Salvation” NITRO PRAISE 3 (N-Soul)
39 “You’re The Voice” REBECCA ST. JAMES (ForeFront)
40 “The Real Thing” WORLD WIDE MESSAGE TRIBE (Warner Alliance)
42 “Deeper Than Most” MAXMILLIAN (N-Soul)
43 “Resolution” SUPERTONES (BEC)
44 “Do What You Do” CAROLYN ARENDS (Reunion)
45 “I Believe” CHRISTINE GLASS (Tattoo)
46 “Kindle”  BETWEEN THIEVES (Tattoo)
47 “Somebody Bigger Than You And I” WHITNEY HOUSTON & FRIENDS (Arista)
48 “People Like Me” AUDIO ADRENALINE (ForeFront)
49 “Would U Mind” TRACY HARRIS (Pamplin)
50 “What A Friend” BI-FAITH (Independent)
51 “Abba (father)” REBECCA ST. JAMES (ForeFront)
52 “Healed” SPLIT LEVEL (Pamlin)
53 “Breathe” (Benediction) NEWSBOYS (Starsong)
54 “Droppin’ Nova” ERIC CHAMPION (Essential)
55 “Only A Fool” GEOFF MOORE & THE DISTANCE (ForeFront)
56 “Come In” SARAH MASEN (re:think)
57 “What Would Jesus Do” BIG TENT REVIVAL (Forefront/Ardent)
58 “Good Things” CODE OF ETHICS (Forefront)
59 “The Cup” CONSIDERING LILLY (ForeFront)
60 “Waiting In The Wings” ANOINTED (Myrrh)
61 “Endure” PLUMB (Essential)
62 “Never Dim” THE WAITING (Starsong)
63 “It’s You” OUT OF EDEN (Gotee)
64 “Free Ride” AUDIO ADRENALINE (ForeFront)
65 “Missionary” SYMBIOTICA (Graceland)
66 “Joy” SANI (Warner Alliance)
67 “One Step” STRAIGHT COMPANY (Benson)
68 “Big Deal” CAROLYN ARENDS (Reunion)
69 “Lead of Love” CAEDMON’S CALL (Warner Alliance)
70 “Never Alone” BI-FAITH (Versatile Productions)
71 “Beautiful Thing” ALLSTAR UNITED (Reunion)
72 “Part of My World” SPECIAL GIFT (Crystal Rose)
73 “The Things I Do” SPLIT LEVEL (Organic)
74 “Who I Am” THIRD DAY (Reunion)
75 “Hope To Carry On” CAEDMON’S CALL (Warner Alliance)
76 “Eyes of My Heart” JOHN ELEFANTE (Pamplin)
77 “I Believe In God” CHURCH OF RHYTHM (Pamplin)
78 “Mirage” G.R.I.T.S. (Gotee)
79 “Mighty Mighty” JOY COMMITE (Reignbow)
80 “New South” ERACE (Gotee)
81 “Adore You” ANOINTED (Myrrh)
82 “Tenderness” ALL STAR UNITED (Reunion)
83 “Maybe Tomorrow” NOUVEAUX (Benson)
84 “Don’t Cry..It’s Gonna Be Alright” A1 S.W.I.F.T. (GospoCentric)
85 “It’s All About You” TAMMY TRENT (R.E.X.)
86 “Not A Chance” OUT OF THE GREY (Sparrow)
87 “Crimson For Downy Flakes” EAGER (Questar/Mission)
88 “Brother’s Keeper” ERACE (Gotee)
89 “Jesus In The House”/”Rejoice/Far Away” UNITY KLAN (Rescue)
90 “Man of God” AUDIO ADRENALINE (ForeFront)
91 “You” SWITCH-FOOT (re:think)