Top 91 Songs of 1998

TOP 91 SONGS OF 1998

1. “Entertaining Angels” NEWSBOYS” (Starsong)
2. “God Is In Control” DELARAY (CMN)
3. “Deeper” DELIRIOUS? (Sparrow)
4. “After The Rain” KIIS (Grapetree)
5. “Woo Hoo” NEWSBOYS (Starsong)
6. “Brilliant” SPECK (Bulletproof)
7. “Into Jesus” dc TALK (ForeFront)
8. “Lean On Me” KIRK FRANKLIN (GospoCentric)
9. “Need To Know” DAWKINS & DAWKINS (Harmony)
10. “The Devil Is Bad” THE W’S (Sarabellum)
11. “Everything” THE NORMALS (ForeFront)
12. “Down With The Ship” SEVEN DAY JESUS (ForeFront)
13. “All That I Have” KENNY SMITH (Trinity)
14. “Get To Heaven” OUT OF EDEN (Gotee)
15. “Romans” JENNIFER KNAPP (Gotee)
16. “Billboards” SILAGE (Sublime)
17. “Whole Again” JENNIFER KNAPP (Gotee)
18. “My Will” DC TALK (RocketTown)
19. “Revival Town” DELIRIOUS (Starsong)
20. “Fade To Grey” JARS OF CLAY (Essential)
21. “Lift Him Up” LIL’ RASKULL (Grapetree)
22. “Underwater” SWITCHFOOT (re:think)
23. “Pray” REBECCA ST. JAMES (ForeFront)
24. “Love Me Good” MICHAEL W. SMITH (Reunion)
25. “75 Grains of Sand” SARAH MASEN (re:think)
26. “Brighter Day” RAZE (Alliance)
27. “Speak To The Hand” LAKITA (N-Soul)
28. “Super Good Feeling” BLEACH (ForeFront)
29. “Code of The Road” BLEACH (ForeFront)
30. “Not Just Another Day” JOHN ELEFANTE (Pamplin)
31. “Carousel” REALITY CHECK (Starsong)
32. “Basic Instructions” BURLAP TO CASHMERE (Squint)
33. “Butterfly” SEVEN DAY JESUS (ForeFront)
34. “Closer Still” WILSHIRE (RocketTown)
35. “Chevette” AUDIO ADRENALINE (ForeFront)
36. “Mirror” REBECCA ST. JAMES (ForeFront)
37. “Things I Prayed For” ELI (ForeFront)
38. “That’s The Way” RAZE (ForeFront)
39. “Five Candles (You Were There)” JARS OF CLAY (Essential)
40. “My Friend” dc TALK (ForeFront)
41. “My Hope Is You” THIRD DAY (Reunion)
42. “Everybody Needs Love” SEVEN DAY JESUS (ForeFront)
43. “Wrap My Arms Around Your Name” SARAH MASEN (re:think)
44. “I Can’t Catch you” SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER (Squint)
45. “Reach For Heaven” WORLD WIDE MESSAGE TRIBE (Warner Alliance)
46. “Jesus In The House”/”Rejoice” UNITY KLAN (Rescue)
47. “Drinking Water” SARAH JAHN (Warner Alliance)
48. “Not The Same” CRYSTAL LEWIS (Myrrh)
49. “Can’t Let Go” OUT OF EDEN (Gotee)
50. “Can’t Make It Without You” LISA PAIGE & COMPANY (Tyscot)
51. “People Like Me” AUDIO ADRENALINE (ForeFront)
52. “Who Am I?” PLUMB (Essential)
53. “Prayin’ For You” RICI (Devaness)
54. “Ms. Innocence” WILSHIRE (RocketTown)
55. “Let The Praise Begin” FRED HAMMOND (Benson)
56. “Eyes of God” COMMON CHILDREN (Tattoo)
57. “Brighten My Heart” SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER (Rocketown)
58. “God So Loved” JACI VELASQUEZ (Myrrh)
59. “Still So Pretty” THE WAITING (Sparrow)
60. “God’s Grace” TRIN-I-TEE 5:7 (B-Rite)
61. “Sister, Mother” SIX PENCE NONE THE RICHER (Squint)
62. “Can’t Understand” ANGIE & DEBBIE (Against The Flow)
63. “Justified” ACCORDING TO JOHN (Audience)
64. “Plastic” REALITY CHECK (Starsong)
65. “Real Love” GINA (N-Soul)
66. “Prettier Colours” MANCY A’LAN KANE (Pioneer)
67. “Undo Me” JENNIFER KNAPP (Gotee)
68. “Angels” ALL STAR UNITED (Reunion)
69. “Heaven’s Delight” LIL RASKULL (GrapeTree)
70. “Draw Me Close” THE KATINAS (Rocketown)
71. “Compromise” PLANKEYE (BEC)
72. “Well, Alright” CECE WINANS (Sparrow)
73. “I’ve Got A Feeling” KELLI WILLIAMS (Word)
74. “I Can’t Live” HUMAN (Organic)
75. “This World” CAEDMON’S CALL (Warner Alliance)
76. “I Am” CE CE WINANS (Pioneer)
77. “Why Can’t We Be Friends” ERACE (Gotee)
78. “My Friend” TAMMY TRENT (R.E.X.)
79. “Hold Me Now” JENNIFER KNAPP (Gotee)
80. “Soap” MUKULA (Essential)
81. “This Song Was Meant For You” THIRD DAY (Reunion)
82. “Pluto” PLUMB (Essential)
83. “Un-Fazed” THE WAITING (Sparrow)
84. “Whirlwind” SKILLET (ForeFront)
85. “Carried Away” BETWEEN THIEVES (Tattoo)
86. “God Inc.” RICK ELIAS (Organic)
87. “Mind, Body, & Soul” GINA (N-Soul)
88. “Lord I Believe” CRYSTAL LEWIS (Myrrh)
89. “Blink” RICK ELIAS (Organic)
90. “Never Gonna” ANGIE & DEBBIE WINANS (ATF)
91. “Raindown” CLOUD2GROUND (N-Soul)