The Future of’s Stream

As some of you might know, streaming royalty rates have significantly raised for most small webcasters like as a result of December’s Copyright Royalty Board last ruling.
Partly because of this, our streaming and licensing provider, Live365, is going dark at the end of January. I have been looking for other alternatives to continue the stream, but haven’t settled on a solution. We also have to upgrade some equipment and systems to make the switch fromLive365 to another provider.

Because of real life and my day job, there will probably be a time of transition where goes dark. I am fairly confident that we will broadcast again. The station currently has no revenue (outside of my personal funds).  There are no salaries, I volunteer my time to run the station. I am looking at trying to raise some monthly funds to cover the increased costs.

If you are interested in learning more or want to contribute, please email me.

Thanks for listening!